Med Couture Gold Scrubs

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Med Couture Gold Scrubs

Med Couture Gold Scrubs: About Med Couture Brand

MED Couture Gold Scrubs. MED Couture provides healthcare apparel that’s stylish and unique as you are to be created by state of the art materials and designs.

Launched in 1987, the firm is a pioneer in the marketplace. MED Couture, Inc. Has a lively tradition of invention as the first organization to present fashion colors and 100% cotton materials in the 1990’s. Medical attire is marketed nationwide and online at major medical retail outlets.

“Health care professionals are enthusiastic in their professions and I need to produce uniforms, which make them look and feel their very best!” — Owner, Barry Rothschild.

Barry graduated from Texas Tech University, also grew up in Dallas. MED Couture Peaches Uniforms were begun by him. Initially, because he was tired of being on the street as a sales rep. Paradoxically, he began his own business Barry travel than ever!

MED Couture is dedicated to helping professionals provide care and a positive experience and concentrates on blending functionality and fashion for people in the profession. Everybody in that profession understands they will last for many years to come and need scrubs they can depend on. MED Couture scrubs provides that, plus colors and styles.

Your scrubs will fit and you’ll have the ability to move around during the duration of your shift. We provide sizes visiting 5X and beginning of XX-Small. In this manner, all professionals are certain to discover a set of scrubs which fits them. You may pick from regular, miniature, and tall, so to have a much better match, and can pick the length in your own scrubs.

Med Couture Gold Scrubs: Collection That Looks Fabulous

MED Couture Gold is a group which feels and looks fantastic. The stretch fabric, with moisture control is tasteful although lasting. Modern fit and the garment’s stylish keep this classy.

Flex it, work it from the MED Couture Gold on your Scrubs. This range from MED Couture delivers fun prints, bright colors and scrubs tops and trousers that will keep you organized with attributes like side slits and patch pockets.

That MED Couture fabric with a bit of Spandex keeps you moving through your most. Extra pockets allow you to tuck essential gear away, and silhouettes of wash tops and MED Couture wash pants feature embroidery.

Med Couture Gold Scrubs: Discount, On Sale and Cheap

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